May 15, 2013 » Fully Human-Powered (Concept) Home

Artists at the Spanish firm Elli have designed a truly human-powered home. This small abode with translucent walls would challenge residents to use their muscles to operate its appliances, lights, and greenhouse hoses.

According to an article in co.EXIST, “The JF-Kit House [named after Jane Fonda]… is an experiment in ‘domestic fitness,’ rendering ‘the image of a possible future where citizens produce part of their domestic energy requirements with their own physical activities.’ Each room features a fancifully named exercise station that would, theoretically, help create energy to power the home, including an ‘arm workout bureau,’ a ‘spinning kitchen,’ and a ‘triceps greenhouse.'”

JK Kit Home interior

The JF-Kit House has been installed on a Brussels roof as a prototype. Less practical than artistic, it’s a designer’s challenge to reconsider domestic habits and what role our bodies and muscles can play in maintaining sustainable living spaces.

More photos here and more background info here.

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