For more information on human-power inventors and their devices:

David Butcher: Pedal Powered Generator – DIY Plans
ChocoSol Traders – Toronto-based chocolatiers who use pedal-powered cacao grinders
Cyclean: The pedal powered washing machine – From Alex Gadsden
Delft University of Technology (Search for “human power”)
Job Ebenezer’s Technology for the Poor – Standard Bicycle with Pedal Power Attachment (Dual Purpose Bicycle).
EcoSystems – EcoPower – Pedal-powered electricity generators for developing countries
HD Clothes Washin’ Man – Homeless Dave’s pedal-powered laundry spinner
High Tide Associates’ RollerGen – A bike-mounted pedal-powered electrical generator
Human Power Institute’s Human Power eJournal
International Human Powered Vehicle Association (IHPVA)
The Juice Peddler – Bicycle Blenders for sale
Juicycle – Woody Roy Parker’s pedal-powered juicer
Just Soap – Where owner Frederick Breeden uses a bike-powered blender for mixing soaps and salves
Maya Pedal (Asociación Maya Pedal) – Pedal-powered grain grinders, corn shellers, coffee depulpers, blenders, and more
MIT’s D-Lab – Where engineering students help develop appropriate technology
Bart Orlando’s Pedal Powered Innovations – Designed and built by Bart Orlando, assisted by students at Humboldt State University’s Campus Center for Appropriate Technology (CCAT)
PEDAL (Pedal Energy Development Alternatives) – Vancouver-based organization that develops and promotes pedal-powered technology
Pedal Desk Project 2007 – Pedal-powered laptop desk developed by students at UC-Davis
ReRev – Power generated from gym equipment
Steve Schmeck’s “Make Your Own Treadle Lathe”
Larry Shannon and Jim Sylivant’s “Build Your Own Treadle Pump”
Brad Whaley’s DIY Pedal-Powered Electrical Generator Plans

Windstream Power – Bike Power Generators
Working Bikes – Chicago-based bike-repurposing organization

Additional resources—for historically human-powered devices, human power in appropriate technology, and commercially available human-powered devices, for example—are listed at the end of The Human-Powered Home.